Finding Peace Through Mediation

As a family law mediator in Arizona, I have helped families addressing addiction or recovery move more easily through a legal matter with grace and respect. Family law mediation is most often used as a positive alternative to litigation. It is a process in which both parties sit down with a neutral third person skilled in conflict resolution, and resolve their disputes themselves. Mediators help create an environment that fosters listening, compromise and resolution. If necessary, they also … [Read more...]

Celebrate Mediation Week In Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Mayor, Phil Gordon, has recognized October 16, 2011 through October 22, 2011 as “Mediation Week.”  Mayor Gordon, proclaimed this honor in recognition of the Alternative Dispute Section of the State Bar of Arizona (the “ADR Section”) promotion of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution services to “citizens, families, businesses and government bodies…”  The Mayor also recognized the commitment of those that utilize mediation to “innovation in problem-solving and the application … [Read more...]

Tips For Successful Negotiations From The Prospective Of A Mediator – Part 1

As a mediator in Arizona, I have seen all styles of negotiation.  Many people and companies seem to think negotiations mean you have to be unrelenting and overly aggressive.  For example, •    There are those that start at an impossibly high or low number or demand and then balk when the other side does not meet them in the middle.   You lose your credibility from the get-go if you start with unreasonable positions. •    There are those who threaten to walk out if their demands are not … [Read more...]

Why AZ Doctors Should Use Mediation to Prevent Malpractice Lawsuits

Good news for doctors and patients: Pennsylvania has determined that the drop in medical malpractice cases is partially attributed to the use of mediation. In a May 22, 2011 article in the Pittsburgh Tribute Review entitled “Malpractice Lawsuits in Pennsylvania Continue to Decline,” Bobby Kerlik reported that Pennsylvania experienced its sixth consecutive annual decline in malpractice lawsuits in 2010. The decline was also attributed to a change in rules that help prevent frivolous lawsuit. … [Read more...]

Mediate the Terms of Arizona Cohabitation Agreements

Between 1990 and 2007, there has been an 85 percent increase in the number of cohabitating but unmarried couples.  U.S. Census Bureau. “America’s Families and Living Arrangements: 2007.”  When embarking on a cohabitation relationship, many people do not realize that they may later have legal battles over undefined rights and obligations.  Because the couples are not married, the property division laws that protect divorcing couples do not apply. Almost half of American Academy of Matrimonial … [Read more...]

Tv Show Fairly Legal – Highlights Mediation Fairly Well

I finally caught the first two episodes of the television program called “Fairly Legal.”  The show is about a mediator, and, as a mediator, I was interested to see if the show accurately portrayed my profession.  Just as viewers of “CSI” expect crime professionals to solve every murder in one hour or less (often based on a tiny piece of fabric or bug that places the murderer at a specific location in the world), viewers of “Fairly Legal” may base expectations about mediation on this show. In … [Read more...]

Can I Use A Mediator In Arizona For Actions Other Than Divorces?

While divorce mediation gets a lot of attention, mediation is a great way to resolve any dispute. Within the family law realm, people use mediation to resolve: Paternity actions (where unmarried people have children and want to define custody, parental access and support issues); Modification actions (where people want to modify child support, custody, parental access schedules, spousal maintenance, property division or debt division); Grandparent or non-parent actions (where … [Read more...]

What Can I Do To Get Custody of Or Access With A Child That Is Not Mine In Arizona?

Arizona recognizes rights to custody of or access with children for non-parents under certain circumstances.   This article will address two forms of non-parental access to children through the family law Court:  grandparents’ rights and what is called in loco parentis rights.  However, there are also methods for non-parents to care for children through the juvenile court, such as where the children do not have a parent willing or able to care for them or where the parties are in the … [Read more...]

How Do Mediators in Phoenix Arizona Help Parties Reach Agreements?

Mediation in Phoenix works through the mediator’s use of conflict resolution skills.  A good mediator is one that is trained in and experienced using conflict resolution skills.  Mediators in Arizona use a number of conflict resolution skills.  For example, Mediators help people generate ideas for resolution and help people consider all aspects of a conflict/agreement. Mediators know how to help people figure out what they really want.  Sometimes people are angry and cannot clearly see … [Read more...]

Choosing Peace through Mediation in Phoenix Arizona

It is likely that, at some point in your life, you will have a boss, a spouse, a business partner or a company who will cause you financial loss or emotional distress.  Often, those situations must be addressed.  However, how you choose to address conflict is up to you.  As Max Lucade said:  “Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional". You can choose to make the conflict the center of your life – engaging in litigation that lasts years, and spending all of your savings to address the … [Read more...]

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