Should My Arizona Business Provide Sexual Harassment Training?

If you have employees, you are at risk for a sexual harassment action.  Therefore, implementing sexual harassment training is highly recommended. There are two good reasons to implement training.  First, if you and your employees know what behavior may be considered illegal under sexual harassment laws, there is less likelihood that you and your employees will engage in such behavior.  Lawsuit averted. Second, if you provide sexual harassment training, you may be bolstering your … [Read more...]

Why Should I Take Mediation Training?

Mediation training is of course necessary for people who would like to mediate professionally.  In addition, Mediation training is necessary for people looking for a volunteer opportunity to benefit their communities.  Many communities have their own mediation programs to resolve conflicts between their citizens. However, Mediation training is also useful for people who want to incorporate new skills into their own work and lives.  Through mediation training, one learns how to resolve … [Read more...]

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