Divorce Corp: A Documentary about the Downside of Divorce

Divorce Corp is a new documentary espousing the downside of divorce litigation.  I have not watched the movie, but based on the trailer (found at:  http://www.divorcecorp.com/), the movie focuses on the tremendous cost – financially and emotionally – of litigation.

As a family law mediator and attorney, those themes ring true to me. I have seen the worst of litigation and how it destroys people, families and, most tragically, children. That type of collateral damage is why I became a mediator. Mediation is a much less expensive alternative to litigation that removes the risk of litigation, as well as much of the animosity and stress. The parties reach an agreement with the aid of the mediator, making trials and hearings unnecessary. Mediation encourages cooperation and reasonableness.

To the extent the movie focuses on a lack of ethics in the family law “industry,” I can only say I have encountered my share of attorneys who seemed to make the process worse than it needed to be. However, there are many good and ethical professionals who are trying to do their best in a horrible situation. When divorces are long, difficult and expensive, it is usually because of the conduct of one or both of the parties.  Divorce tends to bring out the worst in people. Some people play out the hurt, anger and pain that accompanies the divorce via their actions in the divorce process. Some divorce participants allow the contentious litigation process to cause them to do anything to deprive the other party of money, property or time with the children. The mediation process tends to prevent or curtail such behavior.

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Alona M. Gottfried is a family law mediator and attorney in Arizona.  If you have questions about mediation, she can be reached at: 480-998-1500 or alona@sglawaz.com.  This is a general interest article only and is not intended to be legal advice.  See a legal professional before making legal decisions. 

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