Arizona Employment/Business Law Mediation


Mediation is effective in employment disputes both prior to litigation and at any stage during the litigation, should the employee file an action:

Pre-litigation: A number of employment actions are initiated when employees do not feel respected by their employer. The mediation process allows both sides to communicate and, with the assistance of the mediator, find solutions that benefit both employer and employee.

Post-filing: Most mediations are successful, and that is true as to employment mediations as well. It is hard to argue with success. Through mediation, participants can often find solutions not often available through litigation, such as rehire, transfers, structured payments of settlement offers, letters of recommendation, correcting of performance reviews and revoking of discipline.


Companies can also utilize mediation to resolve disputes with other companies, such as contract disputes.

Alona M. Gottfried can provide evaluative mediation in the area of business and employment disputes. She practiced employment law for  fifteen years, she has participated in numerous mediations as counsel for a party and has interned with both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Arizona Civil Rights Division.  Jared C. Simmons has been practicing business law for fourteen years and mediates business disputes as well.  Alona and Jared also co-mediate business / employment disputes.  Co-mediation offers businesses a balanced and effective tool to handle complex cases.

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