Another Reason Why Arizona Businesses Should Mediate in the Workplace and Train Employees in Conflict Resolution

Arizona Businesses have many good reasons to promote peace and conflict resolution in the workplace; as reported in a previous article , conflict in the workplace costs businesses a lot of money.  Conflict results in higher employee turnover, more failed projects and costly litigation. A new study gives businesses one more reason to support good relations at work:  their employees will live longer.  As reported by Denise Mann in USA Today on August 12, 2011, a new Israeli study published in … [Read more...]

Using Mediation Over An Employment Discrimination Lawsuit – Arizona

Picture this situation: An employee in Arizona receives her first disciplinary action. She is angry and concerned about what this means for her future job outlook with the company. Then, she gets upset-- she can think of two other employees who did what she did without receiving any type of written warning.  She wonders why she is being treated differently than the others. Is it because of the color of her skin? Could it be because she is a woman? She remembers that one manager who previously … [Read more...]

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