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A Recent Review of Family Law Mediation in Arizona

Mediation is a way to minimize the pain, anxiety and cost associated with a litigated divorce (or other family law matters).  The mediator works with the parties to reach an agreement out of Court.  With a full agreement, neither party … Continue reading

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What the Arizona Family Court Rules Say About Mediation

The Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure (hereinafter “ARFLP”) define mediation as “a voluntary confidential process in which parties enter into one or more private discussions with a neutral third party to resolve the dispute.”  ARFLP 66(B).  The Arizona Rules … Continue reading

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A Recent Review From A Satisfied Divorce Mediation Participant

If you are unsure if mediation is right for you, it is often helpful to hear what someone who has been through the process has to say about it.  Below is a review from one of my recent mediation participants, … Continue reading

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What Happens in an Arizona Divorce Mediation: Step By Step (Part One)

This Article is part of a two part series describing the process when I mediate a divorce matter in Arizona.  The process is similar for other mediated family law cases where documents need to be filed with the Court.  The … Continue reading

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How To Get The Other Side to the Table to Mediate your Arizona Dispute

You have decided to avoid the Arizona Divorce Process of going to court.  Now what?  All parties to a dispute must agree to mediate, as it is a voluntary process in Arizona, in most cases.  Therefore, your goal is now … Continue reading

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If I Go to Mediation in Arizona, Do I Lose My Right To Go To Court?

Mediation AZ is a method of ending conflicts without going to court. The parties will use a mediator that is trained in conflict resolution to solve all of the issues. If you do not end up settling in Mediation in AZ you do not waive your right to go to court. Continue reading

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Do I Still Have To Go To Court If I Use An Phoenix Divorce Mediator?

Phoenix divorce mediation is an option to going to court if you are getting divorced in Arizona. Continue reading

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Divorce Arizona – If Mediation Is So Great, Why Doesn’t Everyone In Arizona Use It?

Mediation is effective at resolving disputes quickly, inexpensively and confidentially.  Around 90 percent of all people who try mediation end their conflict in mediation. You read that correctly:  almost all mediations are successful – no risky and expensive litigation necessary. … Continue reading

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Choosing Peace through Mediation in Phoenix Arizona

You can hire an Arizona Divorce Mediator rather than slugging it out in court for an Arizona Divorce. Mediation is typically faster and less expensive than going to court when it comes to getting divorced. Continue reading

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