AZ Business Mediation – Words That Can Save You Thousands

Litigation costs companies thousands to millions of dollars a year.  Businesses that are sued or initiate litigation end up spending excessive funds on attorneys, experts, employee time away from work, and monetary judgments (if the company loses).  Businesses also risk damaging their reputations with a public law suit. One excellent way to avoid the risk and cost of litigation is to include a mediation provision in contracts with employees and other businesses.  A mediation clause sets forth … [Read more...]

Arizona Business Mediation

In the past decade, courts all over the country to require litigants to attempt mediation before having a trial or hearing. In Arizona, Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") is mandatory for all parties regardless of the amounts involved and arbitration is mandatory for all disputes when the amount in controversy is below $50,000.00  Unfortunately, not all those appointed to settle cases have the same experience especially regarding business related disputes.  Many have no experience at … [Read more...]

Using Mediation to Prevent Conflicts in Arizona When Forming Agreements

Many agreements between friends, partners and family are sealed with only a handshake.  For example, people enter agreements to buy property, start a business, share a timeshare or boat or even to share living expenses.  No matter how informal, these agreements constitute the formation of a business relationship with potentially serious legal consequences. The failure to discuss details of a business relationship and commit the agreement to writing is a recipe for disaster.  At some point, … [Read more...]

The Benefit of Mediating Business Disputes in Arizona

Conflicts and disputes are a routine and expected part of business.  The variables are the time, effort and manner in which the business leader devotes to resolving these issues.  Obviously, the primary goals in resolving the dispute is to put into it the least amount of time, effort and cost and preserve any beneficial relationships.  The best method for accomplishing these goals is mediation.  There are many advantages to mediation over engaging in litigation.  Set forth below are … [Read more...]

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