Business Mediation

Business Mediation in Arizona is an effective method for addressing a variety of business-related matters, including:

• Negotiating an ownership and/or partnership agreement when forming a new business or professional practice.

• Resolving disputes between principals of an existing business or practice.

• Renegotiating aspects of an existing ownership and/or partnership agreement.

• Negotiating an amicable dissolution of an existing business arrangement when dissolution is a the desired outcome.

• Resolving conflicts between businesses.

• Resolving personnel disputes.

Mediation helps to establish and maintain successful working relationships both internally and with other business partners. Success in today’s economy requires quality relationships within an existing business as wells as between businesses.

Mediation offers many advantages over traditional approaches, including the following:

• A true “win-win” result is often achieved because the resolution is created by all parties.

• New businesses can move forward without confusion or needless duplication because the principals have a clear, specific understanding about roles, responsibilities, goals and objectives.

• Established businesses can grow and thrive by eliminating misunderstandings, negotiate buy-outs or merges and resolve pending claims before litigation is becomes an issue.

• By mediating the dispute parties can generally preserve an existing business relationship

• It is less costly, faster and less stressful than litigation.

• A final settlement can usually be reached more quickly.

• Mediation provides a more confidential, informal, convenient and comfortable atmosphere in which to discuss the issues, resolve differences and plan for the future

• Mediation agreements are proven to provide realistic, long lasting and qualitative resolutions. Research shows that parties that enter into mediation are more likely to comply with a mediated agreement and are less likely to engage in future litigation.