Conflict Avoidance Workplace Training – Arizona

Alona M. Gottfried and Jared C. Simmons are qualified to train human resource professionals, mediators and lawyers in how to mediate and how to avoid lawsuits. They are also available to train employers how to avoid the type of employee dissatisfaction that results in lawsuits.  As a plaintiff’s employment attorney, who has interned at both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Arizona Civil Rights Division, Alona is uniquely qualified to assist companies in improving employee relations and avoiding expensive litigation.  As a business attorney, Jared understands how conflicts hurt businesses.

Employers repeat the same mistakes that result in lawsuits:  they do not properly address employee complaints.  After an employee complains, employers often either ignore the complaint or look for a reason to fire the employee.  The latter action can result in a separate legal action for retaliation.  Proper training on addressing employee complaints results in the following benefits to the employer:

(1)    Employers could reduce the high cost of litigation, avoid potential judgments, and avoid negative publicity.
(2)    Employers could avoid the costs resulting from employee turnover.
(3)    Employers could have happier, and consequently, more productive employees.

Alona and Jared can train employers how to:

•    Avoid sexual harassment, discrimination or retaliation lawsuits.
•    Set up peer mediation programs.
•    Effectively utilize other alternative dispute resolution.
•    Effectively address employee complaints.

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