Arizona Family Law Mediation

Mediation should be the first option for individuals involved in a family law dispute.  Whether the concern is a divorce, a legal separation, a paternity action (when parents are unmarried) a child support, decision-making (custody) or parental access modification action, or other legal matters, mediation offers the best environment for a speedy, fair and cost-effective resolution to family law disputes in Arizona.  Simmons & Gottfried, PLLC can also make the process as easy as possible by preparing all of the paperwork on the parties’ behalf and submitting it to Court.  Family law mediation requires no money down, and participants can pay as they go.

After witnessing the impact of acrimonious litigation, Alona Gottfried became committed to resolving disputes for families through mediation because it is much less expensive, acrimonious, time consuming and uncertain than litigation.  Most importantly, mediation works to settle the matter in most cases.    In litigation, the most contentious cases can take over a year to complete, and then the parties often return to court every few years in an attempt to modify the Order where children and/or spousal maintenance are involved.  The cases can cost tens of thousands of dollars Further, trial is uncertain.  No one is guaranteed success at trial, and doing poorly in Court can have dire, long-lasting consequences.

While mediation offers great benefits whether or not children are involved, mediation offers a special benefit for parents and children alike.  Mediation works to preserve relationships and improve post-dissolution relationships in which the parents can work together for the children’s best interest.  Parents will be connected through their children for the rest of their lives.  Research reveals that ongoing parental conflict negatively impacts the emotional well-being of the children.    Mediation creates final orders that the parties are more likely to accept and follow, and mediation allows for parents to move forward with their lives in a positive, empowering way.

Mediation is also appropriate for the dissolution of relationships outside of marriage.  Unmarried couples often have to divide property and debts, and mediation offers a relaxed and effective forum to resolve such matters.

Alona has practiced family law as an attorney for over 25 years and has settled numerous high conflict family law cases as a neutral party.

“The hardest part about a divorce should not be the legal process.”

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