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The Census Bureau has reported that people over the age of 85 now represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the population in America. As they age, the elderly (along with their families) face increasingly complicated and difficult decisions regarding continuing care, estate planning and end of life medical decisions. Rising health and continuing care costs have only served to increase the pressure placed on families during this time of transition.

These factors have led to an increase in the demand for experienced mediators in this field. Utilizing a skilled neutral in this situation can greatly assist families as they tackle issues that are often emotionally charged. There are many factors that can influence a family as they attempt to amicably and peacefully resolve potential conflicts, including sibling rivalry, hurt feelings from the past and discomfort or embarrassment discussing certain topics. Too often these factors can distract the parties, leading to expensive and unnecessary litigation.   A mediator can deftly avoid the communication pitfalls that affect so many families.

A mediator’s problem solving and communication skills can even lead to a strengthening of the family bond during this difficult time. By ensuring that the process is thoughtful and calm, families will be better equipped to handle the realities of the changing needs of their loved ones.

As with any mediation proceeding, choosing an experienced and skilled mediator is an essential element to ensuring a successful outcome. The large number of possible participants in elder care mediations opens up myriad possibilities for conflict, as it is common for family members to have divergent and deeply entrenched values or opinions. A well-trained mediator recognizes this dynamic and utilizes effective problem solving techniques to ensure that the process does not become sidetracked or unnecessarily impeded.  These techniques foster a spirit of cooperation between the participants, leading to cohesive decision making while avoiding the costs involved with court proceedings.

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