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Arizona Child Support and Recent Revisions to the Guidelines

This article concerns the new child support guidelines in the state of Arizona. The new AZ Child Support Guides go into effect on May 31, 2011. Continue reading

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Joint Custody Agreement Modifications in Arizona

Joint Custody Agreements may have to be modified from time to time.  This may be because the children are getting older and have different needs.  It could also be that one or both of the parents’ schedules or residences have … Continue reading

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How is Child Support Calculated in Arizona

In Arizona, child support is calculated pursuant to the Arizona Child Support Guidelines.  The Guidelines can be found on line at:  http://www.supreme.state.az.us/dr/childsup/CSG2004.pdf.  The Guidelines are intended to approximate:  “the amount that would have been spent on the children if the … Continue reading

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