Arizona Child Support and Recent Revisions to the Guidelines

Arizona uses guidelines to determine appropriate child support.  The guidelines base the amount of child support entered on: Both parties’ incomes or attributed incomes (the Court can attribute income if a parent could earn more than he/she is earning); Whether either parent is paying or receiving spousal maintenance to/from the other; Whether either parent has other children; The number of children; The number of children over age 12; The cost of health insurance premiums for the … [Read more...]

Joint Custody Agreement Modifications in Arizona

Joint Custody Agreements may have to be modified from time to time.  This may be because the children are getting older and have different needs.  It could also be that one or both of the parents’ schedules or residences have changed.  Sometimes a change to the plan is necessary because a parent is not parenting responsibly. Most Joint Custody Agreements anticipate the need for modification and build in a requirement that the parties must meet every year or two years to discuss changes.  Many … [Read more...]

How is Child Support Calculated in Arizona

In Arizona, child support is calculated pursuant to the Arizona Child Support Guidelines.  The Guidelines can be found on line at:  The Guidelines are intended to approximate:  “the amount that would have been spent on the children if the parents and children were living together.”  The Guidelines then determine each parent’s proportionate share. In a nutshell, Arizona looks at the following factors to determine child support: •   … [Read more...]

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