What Happens At An Arizona Divorce Trial?

The Arizona Court prefers that divorcing parties reach their own agreements.  This is because parties tend to be happier and more compliant with orders when they agree to the terms of the divorce. Further, the Court knows that parties are in the best position to determine the most appropriate Orders for their particular situations.  While the Judge will do his/her best to come up with fair and appropriate orders, the Judge is a stranger to the litigants and their families.  Judges have a … [Read more...]

How is Spousal Maintenance Determined in Arizona?

Spousal Maintenance, also known as “alimony” is financial support given to a spouse in a dissolution of marriage or legal separation action.  Spousal maintenance is sometimes intended just to help a party get back on his/her feet (for example, support while a party returns to school to become more marketable) and is sometimes intended to support a party indefinitely. One qualifies for spousal maintenance when that person is unable to support his/her reasonable needs through his/her property or … [Read more...]

Are There Times When Mediation Is Not An Option? Phoenix Mediation

In a perfect world there would be no disputes, and everyone would just get along.  The second best option is a world where all disputes would be settled by the mediation process.  The good news is that mediation works in most cases.  There are just a few situations where when mediation will not be an appropriate method to settle a conflict. When Is Mediation Not Going To Work? Mediation will not work if one or more parties refuses to participate in good faith. Mediation needs to be entered … [Read more...]

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