What is the Collaborative Divorce Process Used in Arizona : Part 1

A. Generally. Collaborative divorce is a method of resolving a family law issue through cooperative means with an agreement to not litigate the case and to disclose information voluntarily. If the parties later choose to litigate, they cannot not use the same professionals they used in the collaborative process. While the term “collaborative divorce” is used, the process can be used for a number of family issues, including post-decree matters, paternity matters and guardianships. B. What Is … [Read more...]

Role of an Arizona Attorney in the Collaborative Divorce Process : Part 2

This article is the second part of an article exploring the Arizona attorney’s role in the collaborative process and various ethical problems that arise.  The first part of this article Collaborative Divorce Process AZ. 3.    Ethical Question:  Doesn’t an attorney have to zealously represent his/her client? The Arizona Supreme Court removed the obligation to zealously represent client in 2003.  Attorneys now just have a duty to act honorably.  Pursuant to Ethical Rule 1.3:   “A lawyer shall … [Read more...]

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