Using Mediation To Address Issues Impacting Same Sex Couples In Arizona

While the legalization of same sex marriages is gaining momentum across the Nation, no one familiar with Arizona’s politics expect this state to jump on the bandwagon any time soon.  Arizona’s ban on gay marriage leads to many practical problems for Arizona’s gay citizens. One less frequently discussed disadvantage for gay Arizonans is that there is no government process in place to help gay couples “divorce.”   While that might sound like an unintended positive result (who wants to get … [Read more...]

Using a Mediator to Get Divorced in Arizona When You Were Never Married

There are over five million unmarried couples living together. U.S. Census Bureau of 2000. This figure includes hundreds of thousands of gay couples in Arizona to whom the government has denied the right to marry, as well as millions of straight couples who choose not to marry.  In relevant part, the 2000 Census found: UNMARRIED-PARTNER HOUSEHOLDS Total 5,230,703 100.0 Male and female 87.4 Both male 332,645 6.4 Both … [Read more...]

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