Financial Reasons To Stay Married, But Legally Separated In Arizona

In Arizona, one has the option of getting a legal separation.  With a legal separation, married couples remain married, but the Court divides all assets and debts, and decides the issue of spousal maintenance.  Where children are involved, the Court also decides the issues of child custody, child access and child support.  The process to get a legal separation is basically the same as that of a divorce. Why would someone want to get legally separated?  First, the parties may want to get back … [Read more...]

What is a Legal Separation Action in Arizona?

A legal separation action in Arizona is an action where the parties want to remain married, but do not want to live together.   During the action, the parties will divide their assets, and arrange for child support, custody and spousal maintenance, where appropriate. People who choose a legal separation instead of a divorce usually base their decisions on one of the following factors: •    The parties want to live separately for a while before deciding if they want a divorce, and they want … [Read more...]

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