The Top Five Reasons Why you should use a Mediator in Scottsdale

While mediation benefits almost all people in conflict at almost any stage of the conflict, the following is a list of times when mediation in Scottsdale may be particularly helpful. The other party is unrealistic about his/her chances at trial. While a mediator will not proclaim who will win or lose or who is right or wrong (a mediator has to be neutral), the mediator can help parties get to reasonable positions by using guiding questions and other techniques.  These temperate strategies … [Read more...]

How is Mediation different from Arbitration or Litigation? – Arizona

Mediation is very different from the adversarial process of arbitration and litigation. What is Litigation? Litigation is probably the best known form of getting a dispute resolved and probably one of the most expensive as well.  Litigation can have considerable drawbacks which include the expense, time and uncertainty over the outcome.  Mediation typically is faster, less expensive gation, arizona mediator, arizona mediation, phoenix mediation, phoenix mediator, mediator phoenix, … [Read more...]

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