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AZ Business Mediation – Words That Can Save You Thousands

Litigation costs companies thousands to millions of dollars a year.  Businesses that are sued or initiate litigation end up spending excessive funds on attorneys, experts, employee time away from work, and monetary judgments (if the company loses).  Businesses also risk … Continue reading

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Using Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training in Arizona to Resolve Disputes Between Co-Workers

Where people interact, conflict is inevitable.  A recent study has found that poorly managed conflicts cost companies substantial money and time.  CPP Global Capital Report, July 2008 “Workplace Conflict and How Businesses Can Harness it to Thrive.” The average company … Continue reading

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Why To Use A Mediator When Resolving Business Disputes in Arizona

Today’s business world moves very quickly and success depends upon establishing and maintaining successful working relationships.  The difference between success and failure can often be simply communicating and resolving disputes amicably before the relationships are forever damaged.  Mediation can successfully … Continue reading

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