Why To Use A Mediator When Resolving Business Disputes in Arizona

Today’s business world moves very quickly and success depends upon establishing and maintaining successful working relationships.  The difference between success and failure can often be simply communicating and resolving disputes amicably before the relationships are forever damaged.  Mediation can successfully and inexpensively resolve disputes and open lines of communication that foster better business relationships.
Some of the benefits of Mediation in Arizona over litigation include:

  • A “win-win” result is often achieved because the parties develop the agreement together.
  • New businesses can move forward more quickly as the principals have clear, specific agreement about job descriptions, responsibilities, goals and objectives.
  • Businesses continue to expand and succeed without the burden of unresolved problems or unclear agreements.
  • The parties’ ability to preserve an existing business relationship is enhanced.
  • It is less costly and less stressful.
  • A final resolution is usually reached more quickly with the parties controlling the outcome.
  • It provides a more confidential, informal, convenient and comfortable atmosphere in which to address the decisions that need to be made.

Mediation effectively resolves a variety of business-related matters including:
Negotiating an ownership and/or partnership agreement when forming a new business or professional practice.

  • Resolving disputes between employers and employees, and between principals of an existing business or practice .
  • Renegotiating aspects of an existing ownership and/or partnership agreement.
  • Negotiating an amicable dissolution of an existing business arrangement when dissolution is the desired outcome or a potential buyout of another owner.
  • Resolving conflicts between businesses.
  • Resolving personnel disputes.

Business Succession Planning, structuring and agreement to transfer family business leadership and ownership from one generation to another.

The results are proven that when businesses engage in mediation and reach an agreement they are more likely to resolve disputes successfully in the future without litigation.

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