What is the Arizona Collaborative Divorce Process Used In? : Part 2

This article is the second part of an article exploring the collaborative divorce process in Arizona using the full team approach.  Arizona Collaborative Divorce Process - Part 1 3. Child Specialist. The parties jointly retain a mental health professional to act as a child specialist. The child specialist acts as a neutral representative of the children’s needs. This professional has training to work with children and family going through divorces. If the children are old enough, the … [Read more...]

Arizona Collaborative Divorce

There are options other than slugging it out in court if you are getting a divorce in Arizona.   Some other options include Mediation and Collaborative Divorce.  This article will only focus on the Collaborative option for getting divorced.  With Collaborative Divorce, the main focus is to settle all issue of a divorce (such as custody, child support, spousal maintenance and the division of property and debts) collaboratively and without going to court. The concept is to work together as a team … [Read more...]

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