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There are options other than slugging it out in court if you are getting a divorce in Arizona.   Some other options include Mediation and Collaborative Divorce.  This article will only focus on the Collaborative option for getting divorced.  With Collaborative Divorce, the main focus is to settle all issue of a divorce (such as custody, child support, spousal maintenance and the division of property and debts) collaboratively and without going to court. The concept is to work together as a team to reach an agreement.  Litigation is not only expensive, but it can be very stressful.  Collaborative Divorce  is an option that you may wish to consider.  Collaborative Practice is a reasonable approach to divorce based on three principles:

•    A pledge not to go to court.

•    An honest exchange of information by both spouses

•    A solution that takes into account the highest priorities of both spouses and their children

The Collaborative Divorce model, a form of alternative dispute resolution, emerged in response to the psychological, financial and family system devastation, which often results from traditional family law litigation. The Collaborative Divorce model relies upon an interdisciplinary team of professionals whose integrated services educate, guide and support the divorcing couple in crafting an equitable and just resolution without threat of or resort to litigation. At the beginning of a case, both parties and all professionals on the team sign a Participation Agreement, stating that all team members will withdraw from the matter in the event that either party terminates the Collaborative process by opting for litigation.  Collaborative Divorce can only work if both sides are willing to participate in the process.  You and your spouse can gain more information through various sources on the internet and Collaborative Divorce Practitioners.

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