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The Worst Day in Family Law Mediation is Better Than the Best Day in Litigation

I recently saw an article with a similar title as the one above and decided to put in my two cents on the topic.  As a long time Arizona attorney and mediator, I have gotten to see the range of … Continue reading

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Listening – A Necessary Tool For Conflict Resolution In Mediation

  One of the principals of good communication and conflict resolution is listening.  How many of us really listen?   We think we are listening when all we are really either:  (1) thinking of our response to what we think the … Continue reading

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Why Arizona Doctors Should Attend Mediation to Resolve Medical Malpractice Cases

Most doctors live in fear of being sued for medical malpractice. Such claims are prevalent enough to explain the exorbitant malpractice insurance rates in many specialties. Malpractice claims bring the risk of a large judgment and a public trial. Even … Continue reading

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When Will Arizona Follow Suit With Mandatory Mediation For Family Law Cases

Courts in the United Kingdom have just made mediation mandatory for family law disputes.  Mail Online, October 18, 2010. The courts moved to this system because it determined that the normal system is “really intolerable for both children and parents … Continue reading

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Ground Rules To Help Make Your Arizona Mediation Successful

How to have a successful mediation in Phoenix Arizona Continue reading

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Using a Mediator to Get Divorced in Arizona When You Were Never Married

There are over five million couples that are not married that live together. There are hundreds of thousands of gay couples in Arizona to whom the government has denied the right to marry. The divorce process is only available to married people in Arizona. Continue reading

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What Are The Benefits of Mediation vs. Going To Court? – Phoenix Arizona

As an Arizona employment and Arizona family law attorney, I have seen the negative impact of litigation on its participants.  Though litigation is often necessary to pursue one’s rights, it has many disadvantages.   In a nutshell, the litigation process is: … Continue reading

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