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Arizona Divorce Process or Mediation

You are experiencing conflict, and you do not know what to do about it, so you do nothing.  It is common and all too easy to acclimate to bad conditions – so much so that you forget what it is … Continue reading

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If I Go to Mediation in Arizona, Do I Lose My Right To Go To Court?

Mediation AZ is a method of ending conflicts without going to court. The parties will use a mediator that is trained in conflict resolution to solve all of the issues. If you do not end up settling in Mediation in AZ you do not waive your right to go to court. Continue reading

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How is Mediation different from Arbitration or Litigation? – Arizona

Mediation is very different from the adversarial process of arbitration and litigation. What is Litigation? Litigation is probably the best known form of getting a dispute resolved and probably one of the most expensive as well.  Litigation can have considerable … Continue reading

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