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Courts Recognize the Importance of Mediation

In 2004, a Court elucidated the importance of mediation recently espoused by many Courts around the world. In Halsey v. Milton Keynes General NHS Trust, the British Civil Court of Appeal decided that alternative dispute resolution – including mediation – … Continue reading

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A Happy Divorce

Divorce can be one of the most stressful, upsetting events in a person’s life.  But, does it have to be? A February 13, 2012 Newsweek Article entitled:  “Divorce Parties on the Rise as Divorce Becomes Acceptable” by Rebecca Dana discusses … Continue reading

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The Worst Day in Family Law Mediation is Better Than the Best Day in Litigation

I recently saw an article with a similar title as the one above and decided to put in my two cents on the topic.  As a long time Arizona attorney and mediator, I have gotten to see the range of … Continue reading

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Mediation vs Litigation: choosing your own outcome

People sometimes choose to forego mediation or negotiation, thinking that their best option is just to let the judge or jury decide.  People reach this decision for a number of reasons.  For example: Some people have negotiated for some period … Continue reading

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The United Nations Resolves To Use Mediation To Peacefully Resolve Disputes

On June 22, 2011, the UN News Centre reported that the United Nations General Assembly issued a resolution directing its members to utilize mediation.  While the United Nations Charter already advocates for the use of mediation and peaceful settlements of … Continue reading

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Listening – A Necessary Tool For Conflict Resolution In Mediation

  One of the principals of good communication and conflict resolution is listening.  How many of us really listen?   We think we are listening when all we are really either:  (1) thinking of our response to what we think the … Continue reading

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Arizona Divorce Process or Mediation

You are experiencing conflict, and you do not know what to do about it, so you do nothing.  It is common and all too easy to acclimate to bad conditions – so much so that you forget what it is … Continue reading

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How To Get The Other Side to the Table to Mediate your Arizona Dispute

You have decided to avoid the Arizona Divorce Process of going to court.  Now what?  All parties to a dispute must agree to mediate, as it is a voluntary process in Arizona, in most cases.  Therefore, your goal is now … Continue reading

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Can You Mediate A Dispute Involving Children in Arizona?

This article is about mediation and mediating child custody in Arizona. In Arizona there are other options besides going to court to settle a divorce and the matters that are involved in settling a divorce in Arizona. Continue reading

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What Are The Benefits of Mediation vs. Going To Court? – Phoenix Arizona

As an Arizona employment and Arizona family law attorney, I have seen the negative impact of litigation on its participants.  Though litigation is often necessary to pursue one’s rights, it has many disadvantages.   In a nutshell, the litigation process is: … Continue reading

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