Divorce Corp: A Documentary about the Downside of Divorce

Divorce Corp is a new documentary espousing the downside of divorce litigation.  I have not watched the movie, but based on the trailer (found at:  http://www.divorcecorp.com/), the movie focuses on the tremendous cost - financially and emotionally - of litigation. As a family law mediator and attorney, those themes ring true to me. I have seen the worst of litigation and how it destroys people, families and, most tragically, children. That type of collateral damage is why I became a … [Read more...]

Binding Mediation Agreement in Arizona

The goal of the parties at the outset of any divorce mediation process in Arizona is to resolve the issues facing the parties, whatever they may be. At the conclusion of the mediation process, the parties generally want to memorialize the agreements they have reached in the form of a written, binding agreement (a contract). The mediator will assist the parties in writing up the agreement.  Below are some tips to writing an enforceable agreement. First, when drafting a mediation agreement it … [Read more...]

A Recent Review From A Satisfied Divorce Mediation Participant

If you are unsure if mediation is right for you, it is often helpful to hear what someone who has been through the process has to say about it.  Below is a review from one of my recent mediation participants, “Richard G.,” who used mediation to quickly, inexpensively and amicably resolve a divorce involving minor children: “The process of mediation was a positive experience that allowed us to agree in writing to all the terms of our divorce including a parenting plan in a non-confrontational … [Read more...]

Listening – A Necessary Tool For Conflict Resolution In Mediation

  One of the principals of good communication and conflict resolution is listening.  How many of us really listen?   We think we are listening when all we are really either:  (1) thinking of our response to what we think the other person is saying; (2) hearing only what we want to hear to confirm what we already believe; or (3) deciding what we should eat for dinner that night. What does it mean to really listen?  Read carefully this definition by Mark Nepo: "To listen is to … [Read more...]

Using Mediation To Address Issues Impacting Same Sex Couples In Arizona

While the legalization of same sex marriages is gaining momentum across the Nation, no one familiar with Arizona’s politics expect this state to jump on the bandwagon any time soon.  Arizona’s ban on gay marriage leads to many practical problems for Arizona’s gay citizens. One less frequently discussed disadvantage for gay Arizonans is that there is no government process in place to help gay couples “divorce.”   While that might sound like an unintended positive result (who wants to get … [Read more...]

Using Mediation To Repair Your Relationship

Mediation is not only useful for divorces and lawsuits.  People also successfully use mediation to work through issues to preserve their relationships.  This type of mediation is used by spouses, significant others, former spouses, family members and even co-workers, neighbors and friends. Phoenix Divorce Mediation Many times, a lack of communication is at the root of an unhappy period in a relationship.  Sometimes conflict is just based on a misunderstanding of the other person’s … [Read more...]

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