What are the Benefits of Mediating vs. Going to Court in Arizona?

Choosing  Mediation in Arizona is a great option to resolve or prevent conflict in your life.  Mediation, and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”), including Collaborative law and facilitation, are powerful methods of resolving conflict that allows the participants to end disputes without the unnecessary expense and stress that litigation can bring.

Using a Mediator, and other forms of ADR, have many benefits.

The Benefits of Using A Mediator in Arizona:

  • Time-efficient. Litigation can take a year or more to complete. Mediation can take a day or less.
  • Cost effective. In a highly litigated case, it is not unusual to amass many tens of thousands of dollars per party in attorney’s and expert’s fees and costs. Mediation costs substantially less, and the parties generally share the cost.
  • Amicable. While litigation destroys relationships and often causes participants great stress and disruption in their lives, ADR often preserves relationships and eases stress.
  • Flexible. With Mediation the participants are in charge of the resolution, and the participants have flexibility in crafting win-win solutions.  Courts are limited in how they can decide the case, and often there is a winner and a loser.
  • Certain. Litigants always risk losing in Court.  No attorney can ever guarantee a win.  With Mediation, the participants control the outcome, and they do not have to gamble on the result by leaving their fate in the hands of a judge or jury.
  • Confidential. Trials and Court decisions are a matter of public record. Settlement discussions remain confidential, with few exceptions.

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