How Do I Get The Other Party To Try Mediation?

You have decided that mediation is the best route to resolve your dispute.  Now what?  All parties to a dispute must agree to mediate, as it is a voluntary process.  Therefore, your goal is now to convince the other party or parties that mediation is in their best interests as well.  The easiest way to do this is to print out information for the other party about the benefits of mediation, or simply direct the party to  This writer offers free mediation consultations that both parties can attend together or separately.  At the consultation, the parties and mediator will discuss the goals and process of mediation, and the mediatior will answer any questions.  The parties can set a date for the mediation at the time of the consultation.

If the other party is resistent to mediation, you may want to use some variation of the following script:  I would like to resolve our disagreement in a manner that is time efficient, cost effective and positive.  I have researched mediation on line, and I believe it will provide us both with what we need.  A neutral, skilled party will sit with us and help us reach an agreement.  We can commit our agreements to writing, and it can be binding, just like in Court.  Most mediations are successful, so we have nothing to lose  and everything to gain.  Will you attend a free mediation consultation with me, or review the information provided at

In some circumstances, the mediator may contact the other party or parties for you to attempt to garner their interest in mediation.  For more information about mediation or how to discuss mediation with others,  you may call this writer at 480-998-1500.

Alona M. Gottfried is a mediator and attorney at Simmons & Gottfried, PLLC.  This Post is not intended to be legal advice.  Please consult with your legal professional before making legal decisions.

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